Humanitarian and Social Work

In the sector of Humanitarian Work and the context of love for one’s fellow man, Agape is active between the sensitive and vulnerable groups of our country, as well as between minorities, trying to always help those in need, to the best of its abilities. Part of this effort, domestically and abroad (GAiN), includes missions, humanitarian aid centers, medical care and material supplies, according to the existing needs.

Humanitarian and Medical missions in Greece and abroad

Through the GAiN (Global Aid International) organization, Agape is present in every country that has long-term and immediate humanitarian needs. In particular, by sending Medical Help to Burkina Faso, a permanent nursing care unit was completed, assisting in surgeries and wound care, providing visual and hearing aids, as well as training and educating the local nursing staff. Alongside all this, it provides food supplies in local authorities and organizations, in various cities of Greece that have similar social and humanitarian activities.


Refugees and Immigrants

In Thessaloniki, at the Railway Station area, the Refugee Care Center operates, under the umbrella of the Greek Evangelical Alliance, while it is applied by Agape Hellas and supported by various churches and organizations.
In this center, we welcome – with the help of our volunteers – about 750 refugees per week. We offer snacks and beverages, personal hygiene (hot showers), laundry services and seminars on skill development and cultural adaptation. At the same time, we make sure the people get acquainted with the Greek culture, morals and everyday life.

Pomak Villages

Agape, in cooperation with AMG International, offers mobile health and dental services to the Greek citizens of the Muslim Villages in Thrace.