Director’s Message

It is true that our lives often flow without active personal choice, with wrong or without any priorities, as we abandon ourselves to the everyday routine and the spirit of the world around us.

We often forget that, as humans, we are spiritual beings, and our spiritual life plays a significant role in our survival.

So, from time to time, I ask myself, “How is your spiritual life going?”
I used to answer this question by looking at the level of my personal spiritual activities: “Do I go to the church, do I pray, or do I read something spiritual often enough?” The problem is that with this measure, the “Pharisees” are the constant winners. This kind of people can be very disciplined in such matters, but they remain proud of themselves and looking down to the others. How can I “count” my spiritual life without allowing the Pharisee in me to be a winner?

Someone said: “I ask myself the following questions”:

  • Are I disheartened more easily these days?
  • Do I get more frustrated these days?

At the center of a soul that grows and blossoms spiritually, lies the love of God and the peace of God.

If peace grows in me, then I am not easily discouraged.

If love grows in me, then I do not get easily frustrated.

A very simple and effective diagnostic tool to measure the health of my soul.

How would you answer these two questions?

Dear friends, there is a lot going on around us and, of course, we want a better world than the one we see. But eventually, perhaps, we should realize that the world around us can only change when we change first.
So, receive this letter as an open invitation to join us to change the world around us, but at the same time as a challenge to change ourselves first.

For Agape
Emmanuel Toufexis